Adelle Davis

Food-sci­ence expert and nutri­tion­ist, “First lady of nutri­tion” (1904–1974)

Daisie Adelle Davis, Amer­i­can health and nutri­tion expert, dieti­cian, prog­enitor of the health con­scious (“health food nut”) move­ment, advo­cate of unprocessed addi­tive-free foods and high-pro­tein break­fasts [wiki]

Eat break­fast like a king, lunch like a prince, and din­ner like a pau­per.

AD Today: the Adelle Davis Foun­da­tion, active online dis­cus­sion group

B‑vitamin shop­ping list


Invent­ed the pepup cock­tail for vig­or and ener­gy: whipped milk and egg yolks


Orig­i­nal recipe

Cor­bis photo of Adelle Davis drink­ing milk, cir­ca 1970

The pepup is dis­cussed, along with new mod­ern vari­a­tions & improve­ments on it, in Eng­lish writer Michael Allen’s book, [amazonify]1903988055::text::::The Truth About Writ­ing: An Essen­tial Hand­book for Nov­el­ists, Play­wrights and Screen­writ­ers[/amazonify] (Kings­field 2003). Allen rec­om­mends the pepup as a day­time ener­gy drink for writ­ers. [PDF]

Men­tioned briefly in short online essay “to_do.html”>What’s a Moth­er to Do?” by Ardith W. Walk­er



[amazonify]0451155505::text::::Let’s Eat Right to Keep Fit[/amazonify]

[amazonify]0451154630::text::::Let’s Get Well[/amazonify]

[amazonify]0879040335::text::::You Can Get Well[/amazonify]

[amazonify]B00161CFG4::text::::Let’s Have Healthy Chil­dren[/amazonify] (“Amer­i­ca’s most famous food expert gives the vital nutri­tion­al do’s and don’ts for expec­tant moth­ers, babies, and grow­ing chil­dren.”)

[amazonify]B000OMF8FQ::text::::Let’s Cook It Right[/amazonify]

[amazonify]B0006AX2AE::text::::Explor­ing Inner Space: Per­son­al Expe­ri­ences Under LSD-25[/amazonify] (as Jane Dun­lap) (Mys­ti­cal expe­ri­ences men­tioned in [amazonify]0966001966::text::::The Secret Chief Revealed[/amazonify] by Myron J. Stolaroff.)


“As I see it, every day you do one of two things: build health or pro­duce dis­ease in your­self.”

“Thou­sands upon thou­sands of per­sons have stud­ied dis­ease. Almost no one has stud­ied health.”

Articles and info

Adelle Davis Revis­it­ed” is a site con­tain­ing infor­ma­tion on mod­ern sup­ple­ments, vit­a­mins and rou­tines relat­ed to Adelle Davis’ ideas.

The Lega­cy of Adelle Davis,” a crit­i­cal look by Stephen Bar­rett


Adelle’s Granola

  • 5c old-fash­ioned oat­meal
  • 1c cut almonds
  • 1c unre­fined sesame seeds
  • 1c sun­flower seeds
  • 1c shred­ded coconut
  • 1c soy flour
  • 1c pow­dered milk
  • 1c wheat germ
  • 1c hon­ey
  • 1c veg­etable oil
      1. com­bine all dry ingre­di­ents

      2. com­bine hon­ey and veg­etable oil in sep­a­rate dish

      3. com­bine all ingre­di­ents, spread on two cook­ie sheets

      4. bake at 300 degrees for 1 hour or until slight­ly brown

      (From Life mag­a­zine, Oct 1971)

      For further reading

      [amazonify]0451155505[/amazonify] [amazonify]0451154630[/amazonify] [amazonify]0879040335[/amazonify] [amazonify]B00161CFG4[/amazonify]
      [amazonify]B0006AX2AE[/amazonify] [amazonify]B000OMF8FQ[/amazonify] [amazonify]1903988055[/amazonify] [amazonify]0966001966[/amazonify]

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