AdSense strategies

A con­cise, no-non­sense guide to get­ting up and going with Google AdSense


Absolute­ly any­one can make a pen­ny with AdSense. It’s not hard to make a dime, either. A few dol­lars are pos­si­ble. But the big bucks? As Har­ry J. Mis­ner says, it’s all about mak­ing dol­lars, not cents — see his explo­sive new book on strate­giz­ing, [amazonify]1440423903::text::::The Best Damn GOOGLE ADSENSE Book[/amazonify].

You want results? The first thing you have to do is keep up with Google AdSense devel­op­ments. Do that through the offi­cial Adsense blog … and The Unof­fi­cial AdSense Blog. You’ll also want to study Eric Giguere’s site, which is loaded with AdSense tips and ideas. There’s also Problog­ger’s long tips for AdSense.

Does it real­ly work? In 2005, USA Today describes how, for some DIY blog­gers and web­mas­ters, Adsense is a–03-10-google-ads-usat_x.htm”>total bonan­za. Of course, it’s not with­out work.


Quick, quick intros

There’s a lot to take in, so if you still need the “AdSense 101” intro­duc­tion, see this short arti­cle on how to mon­e­tize your blog.

That tells you what it’s all about. When you’re ready to strate­gize, you need Joel Com­m’s guide, [amazonify]1933596708::text::::The AdSense Code: What Google Nev­er Told You About Mak­ing Mon­ey with AdSense[/amazonify].


Go to the experts

You have to keep up and one of the best ways to do that is to par­tic­i­pate in online forums. Google pro­vides its own help forum for AdSense; go there first. Anoth­er good forum where plen­ty of hte “pros” hang out is the Google AdSense forum at Web­mas­ter World.

When you’re up and going

The most impor­tant thing you can do, once the design is done and your site is up and going out of beta, is get more traf­fic. Here’s to-increase-blog-traffic”>21 tac­tics to do so. Also take time to study the many arti­cles in this newslet­ter archive; while one arti­cle shows 77 free ways to get traf­fic, there are a lot many more in these archives.

You can also try to apply Site­point’s to-make-extra-income-on-the-web/”>12 killer ways to make extra income on the web.

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