All about AWK



The GNU ver­sion, Gawk

short out­line and intro

a page about AWK pro­gram­ming


AWK tutorials, articles and books

Eric Pemen­t’s awk intro and list of handy one-lin­ers”>An Awk Primer

sim­ple awk tutor­i­al

how to use awk

inter­ac­tive awk tutor­i­al

Awk by exam­ple: 1 2 3

The orig­i­nal “awl” book by Alfred V. Aho, Bri­an W. Kernighan and Peter J. Wein­berg­er: [amazonify]020107981X::text::::The AWK Pro­gram­ming Lan­guage[/amazonify]

Free online book: Gawk: Effec­tive AWK Pro­gram­ming

ToC for anoth­er online awk book


a list of awk scripts

awk FAQ

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