Barbara Ward

Bar­bara Ward (Baroness Jack­son of Lodsworth) (1914–1981)


British econ­o­mist and author, futur­ist and glob­al plan­ner. Chief inter­ests includ­ed sus­tain­able envi­ron­ments, end­ing pover­ty, glob­al economies and the devel­op­ment of Third World nations. Pio­neer of sus­tain­able plan­ning. Was a Catholic and after being cured of can­cer in the 1940s she said it was due to the involve­ments of Padre Pio. Influ­enced by RBF. [wikipedia] [google]”>The Bar­bara Ward Papers at Georgetown include var­i­ous cor­re­spon­dences, includ­ing more than 700 let­ters writ­ten to her moth­er. [quotes]


Books and writings

  • [amazonify]0231085869::text::::Space­ship Earth[/amazonify] (1966)

    Mix of sus­tain­abil­i­ty and Catholi­cism.

    In the world at large, the mil­lions will be born. The set­tle­ments will grow — in squalor and vio­lence, or in work and hope. The whole world — linked by its com­mu­ni­ca­tions, its air­lines, its hijack­ers and its ter­ror­ists — has real­ly only one choice: to become a place worth liv­ing in or face ‘the way to dusty death.’ And where else do peo­ple live save in their set­tle­ments? So where else is the sal­va­tion to begin?

  • [amazonify]039330129X::text::::Only One Earth: The Care and Main­te­nance of a Small Plan­et[/amazonify]

    Co-authored with Rene Dubos. Glob­al sus­tain­abil­i­ty and eco­nom­ics.

  • [amazonify]0393097021::text::::Nation­al­ism & Ide­ol­o­gy[/amazonify] (W. W. Norton 1966)

  • [amazonify]0393007464::text::::The Rich Nations and the Poor Nations[/amazonify] (W. W. Norton 1984)

  • [amazonify]B000JCFHPW::text::::The Angry Sev­en­ties: The Sec­ond Devel­op­ment Decade: A Call to the Church[/amazonify] (Pon­tif­i­cal Com­mis­sion: Jus­tice and Peace 1970)

  • [amazonify]B001405HNA::text::::Five Ideas that Change the World[/amazonify] (W. W. Norton 1959)

  • [amazonify]B0007EQZTE::text::::Are today’s basic prob­lems reli­gious?, Moral order in an uncer­tain world[/amazonify]
    (Uni­ver­si­ty Press 1953). The Mott Foun­da­tion Lec­tures.

  • [amazonify]B0007K32QM::text::::It can be done: An approach to the prob­lem of world pover­ty[/amazonify] (G. Chap­man 1965)

  • [amazonify]B0007JRRXM::text::::Britain’s inter­est in Atlantic Union[/amazonify] (Friends of Atlantic Union 1954)

  • [amazonify]B0007K8BMW::text::::Democ­ra­cy, east & west[/amazonify] (Bureau of Cur­rent Affairs 1947) (Back­ground hand­book)


Articles and references

The Third World Urban Forum: ‘Space­ship Earth’ spi­ralling irre­versibly into the urban era.” (2006)

Fol­low­ing the vision of Bar­bara Ward” [photo]

For further reading

[amazonify]039330129X[/amazonify] [amazonify]0231085869[/amazonify] [amazonify]B0007JRRXM[/amazonify] [amazonify]B0007K32QM[/amazonify]
[amazonify]B0007EQZTE[/amazonify] [amazonify]B000JCFHPW[/amazonify] [amazonify]B001405HNA[/amazonify] [amazonify]0393097021[/amazonify]

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