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Blogs aren’t news­pa­pers and they can’t replace news­pa­pers. But blogs sort the con­tent of many news­pa­pers and oth­er media out­lets, like an editor, giv­ing an edit­ed view (with com­men­tary) on the news (which itself is report­ed and pub­lished else­where). Unless a blog is report­ing news, it’s just link­ing to anoth­er news media out­let.

You can start a blog on any top­ic and as long as you have the ded­i­ca­tion to keep up with the news on that top­ic and keep link­ing it, work­ing at it con­stant­ly, obses­sive­ly, which is not the same as report­ing on a top­ic (Matt Drudge edits the news, by link­ing to stories he likes with titles he writes, but for the most part he isn’t a reporter him­self), you can even­tu­al­ly attract enough insid­er info and tips to begin break­ing news stories (rarely, Drudge), and cer­tain­ly being among the first to link to a par­tic­u­lar story that is report­ed and bro­ken else­where.

Bri­an Stel­ter made a name for him­self while a 20-year-old col­lege kid by run­ning the TVNews­er blog at, cov­er­ing the net­work and cable news biz. His story–07-09-media-mix_x.htm”>as report­ed in USA Today (Jul 10 2006). He even­tu­al­ly broke more news instead of link­ing to oth­ers and today the TVNews­er blog is most­ly orig­i­nal Medi­a­bistro con­tent, or links to oth­er parts of their site.

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First published on March 4th, 2009 at 10:29 am

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