Canon PowerShot G9

Infor­ma­tion on the Pow­er­Shot G9 cam­era made by Canon.

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Discussion groups


The best ded­i­cat­ed dis­cus­sion for the G9 is the Canon G9 Flickr group [mem­bers] [pix]

Dpre­view’s Canon forum in their “Cam­era Talk” sec­tion has plen­ty of G9 users.

Mods and accessories

There’s a good­ly num­ber of acces­sories for the G9. These are the best and the cheap­est.


The famous Lens­mate acces­sories are more or less a “must”; when the hood (with rub­ber lens ring) is mount­ed on the G9, it’s no longer a tiny pock­etable cam­era — in fact it looks cool and like a real pro unit, espe­cial­ly if you’re using a wrist strap — but you’ll be able to take bet­ter photos in some sit­u­a­tions.

A cheap­er solu­tion is the [amazonify]B000Y96LNC::text::::low-cost hood from Adorama[/amazonify] that has been report­ed to work very well.


You’ll cer­tain­ly want to cov­er the lens. If you mod the unit with the Lens­mate or Ado­ra­ma hood, you should get a good fil­ter set. A low-cost solu­tion with sur­pris­ing­ly good results is the no-name [amazonify]B0012NSZAG::text::::3‑piece fil­ter set[/amazonify] (58mm lens) that’s on Ama­zon now and works for the G9 as well as the Canon Pow­er­shot Pro and oth­er cam­eras. The lens­es includ­ed a UV fil­ter, polar­iz­er and F‑DL flu­o­res­cent light cor­rec­tion fil­ter. Keep­ing a fil­ter on the end of the hood at all times will also keep out the dust and that’s extreme­ly impor­tant — dust enter­ing the G9 from its retractable lens has been a seri­ous issue.

You’ll also need a screen pro­tector to keep the LCD from get­ting scratched. The best, cheap­est solu­tion for the G9 that I’ve seen is the [amazonify]B000MVKNCC::text::::Nintendo DS filter[/amazonify] which is only (as of this writ­ing) a mere 22 cents! It fits oth­er cam­eras too, it’s cut to fit so will work on oth­er Canon Pow­er­Shot cam­eras as well as oth­er makes.


Straps and bags


A [amazonify]B001UDGRBC::text::::wrist strap[/amazonify] is real­ly the way to go with this cam­era.

Lowe­pro’s S&F Light Waist Belt Size 9 or 11 Street & Field Sli­pLock and [amazonify]B000H7M4TQ::text::::D‑Pods 50[/amazonify] might be good for the G9.

Mer­it­line sells a “retro” (but pricey) hard-shell cam­era case that peo­ple just love.

A tore/BagsCases/233771/canon-gseries-leather-case.aspx”>small, sharp leather case is also an option. (This one was­n’t gen­er­al­ly avail­able in the US but you can buy online.)

Canon makes a”>good hard case. [anoth­er case]

Tam­rac’s”>5693 Dig­i­tal 3 Cam­era Bag is reput­ed to work.

Dis­cus­sion on a com­pact case from Canon.


For further reference

[amazonify]B000V1VG5G[/amazonify] [amazonify]B0012NSZAG[/amazonify] [amazonify]B000MVKNCC[/amazonify] [amazonify]B000H7M4TQ[/amazonify]

First published on March 6th, 2009 at 2:22 pm

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