Canon PowerShot G9

Information on the PowerShot G9 camera made by Canon.

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Discussion groups

The best dedicated discussion for the G9 is the Canon G9 Flickr group [members] [pix]

Dpreview’s Canon forum in their “Camera Talk” section has plenty of G9 users.

Mods and accessories

There’s a goodly number of accessories for the G9. These are the best and the cheapest.


The famous Lensmate accessories are more or less a “must”; when the hood (with rubber lens ring) is mounted on the G9, it’s no longer a tiny pocketable camera — in fact it looks cool and like a real pro unit, especially if you’re using a wrist strap — but you’ll be able to take better photos in some situations.

A cheaper solution is the low-cost hood from Adorama that has been reported to work very well.


You’ll certainly want to cover the lens. If you mod the unit with the Lensmate or Adorama hood, you should get a good filter set. A low-cost solution with surprisingly good results is the no-name 3-piece filter set (58mm lens) that’s on Amazon now and works for the G9 as well as the Canon Powershot Pro and other cameras. The lenses included a UV filter, polarizer and F-DL fluorescent light correction filter. Keeping a filter on the end of the hood at all times will also keep out the dust and that’s extremely important — dust entering the G9 from its retractable lens has been a serious issue.

You’ll also need a screen protector to keep the LCD from getting scratched. The best, cheapest solution for the G9 that I’ve seen is the Nintendo DS filter which is only (as of this writing) a mere 22 cents! It fits other cameras too, it’s cut to fit so will work on other Canon PowerShot cameras as well as other makes.

Straps and bags

A wrist strap is really the way to go with this camera.

Lowepro’s S&F Light Waist Belt Size 9 or 11 Street & Field SlipLock and D-Pods 50 might be good for the G9.

Meritline sells a “retro” (but pricey) hard-shell camera case that people just love.

A tore/BagsCases/233771/canon-gseries-leather-case.aspx">small, sharp leather case is also an option. (This one wasn't generally available in the US but you can buy online.)

Canon makes a">good hard case. [another case]

Tamrac's">5693 Digital 3 Camera Bag is reputed to work.

Discussion on a compact case from Canon.

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