Contemporary photographers

Photographers that are shooting today and whose work is interesting for one reason or another.

  • Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre are two French photographers whose series, “The Ruins of Detroit,” covers much of the same ground as my older and ongoing project, “American Ruins”: the wreckage of a once-great nation on the edge of its final dissolution and decay. Although in their case the subject is limited to downtown Detroit, Michigan, the theme is identical.

  • tos/sbprzd/">Seb Przd's original and mind-bending "images that cannot be taken with physical cameras." (His open-source algorithmic, processed technique uses topano-sift/">panoramas and stitching and overlapping, plus much more.)

  • Incredible tos/thedarlinglife/sets/72157608148453028/">portraits by an incredibly young Laura Taylor.

  • Booby Neel Adams, who has a series of age-blended portraits of the same person both young and old.

  • Various interesting photographers are features in the Five Points magazine online “art” archives.

  • Cole Thompson’s">black and white images, like">Gabriel of Newport Beach (2006).

  • Various artists represented by M+B (Los Angeles).

  • Philip-Lorca Dicorcia, NYC: Times Square shots, a series called street portraits

  • Quarlo’s NYC photography. (Todd Gross)

  • Joe’s NYC street photography.

  • Martijn van de Griendt.

  • Peter Miller’s photogravure etchings.

  • Good photos of space at the NASA Astronomy picture of the day.

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