Daniel Clowes


Com­ic book and graph­ic-nov­el artist, prog­enitor of “lit­er­ary comics.” [bio] [wiki] [cat­a­log] [quotes] [images]

Exhi­bi­tion at Richard Heller Gallery

Ghost World


Con­ceived in the late 80s, ear­ly 90s, seri­al­ized 1993–1997, pub­lished as a graph­ic nov­el 1997. [wiki]

Film adap­ta­tion came in 2001. [trail­ers and footage] [offi­cial site]

Salon inter­view with director and Clowes



AV Club (2008)
NYTimes (2007)
Wired (2006)
tory/story.php?storyId=4715648”>NPR (2005)
Salon (2000)


For further reference

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