Dream writing

Dream jour­nals and direct tran­scrip­tions of the dream world.


Catalog of notable dream writers

Peo­ple who kept famous, large, or lengthy dream jour­nals.

  1. George Wel­don” (pseud.) cat­a­loged 2,400 dreams from 1981 to 1986. [case study]

  2. Barb Sanders record­ed 3,116 dreams over 20+ years. [case study]

  3. Jack Ker­ouac, [amazonify]0872863808::text::::Book of Dreams[/amazonify] (this new edi­tion con­tains the whole man­u­script, includ­ing 200 dreams omit­ted from the orig­i­nal edi­tion from 1961).



For further reference


Research library: Use­ful Arti­cles on Dreams


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