Edgar Allan Poe

Poe, the great­est Amer­i­can writer, a mind so deep, with biog­ra­phy con­test­ed and obscured, writ­ings forged or destroyed. [col­or por­trait]

The Edgar Allan Poe Soci­ety of Bal­ti­more house the col­lect­ed works and lec­tures on such.

Poe Muse­um in Rich­mond Vir­ginia.

A great guide to “The Cask of Amon­til­la­do” as well as a resource for some gen­er­al infor­ma­tion on Edgar Allan Poe — with sin­cere thanks to the stu­dents from the booklicious.net after school book club.

Edgar Allan Poe and Sci­ence: A Cos­mic Poet” by Juan Lar­tigue G. con­cerns Poe’s sci­en­tif­ic activ­i­ties, the­o­ries and exper­i­ments. Part of a larg­er site on con­tem­po­rary Poe stud­ies, The Poe Decoder

The Pur­loined Life of Edgar Allan Poe

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