Edward Leedskalnin

Edward Leed­skalnin (1887–1951), reclu­sive Lat­vian who built Coral Cas­tle in Home­stead, Flori­da by mov­ing huge blocks of coral weigh­ing sev­er­al (up to 30) tons. [more]


Coral Cas­tle is now a clas­sic Flori­da road­side attrac­tion vis­it­ed by tourists on Mia­mi vaca­tions. [main site] [wiki]

The Incred­i­ble Mys­tery Of Coral Cas­tle” by Christopher Dunn, illus­trat­ed.

tory/2056”>Friendly road­side Amer­i­ca arti­cle


Leed­skalnin said that he “dis­cov­ered the secret of the pyra­mids.” No one saw how this lit­tle man moved these giant coral blocks, but the sci­ence of buld­ing pyra­mids is not entire­ly hid­den and unknown.

How­ev­er, due to the impres­sivene, unusu­al nature of this feat, there were claims of secret ener­gies found there and a new hid­den math (the Coral Cas­tle “code”).

See also “Secret Ener­gy Haunts Coral Cas­tle,” Wired 2003.
and a tory/060328_coral_castle.html”>skeptical look which offers a much more ratio­nal expla­na­tion.


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