Edward Leedskalnin

Edward Leedskalnin (1887-1951), reclusive Latvian who built Coral Castle in Homestead, Florida by moving huge blocks of coral weighing several (up to 30) tons. [more]

Coral Castle is now a classic Florida roadside attraction visited by tourists on Miami vacations. [main site] [wiki]

The Incredible Mystery Of Coral Castle” by Christopher Dunn, illustrated.

tory/2056">Friendly roadside America article

Leedskalnin said that he "discovered the secret of the pyramids." No one saw how this little man moved these giant coral blocks, but the science of bulding pyramids is not entirely hidden and unknown.

However, due to the impressivene, unusual nature of this feat, there were claims of secret energies found there and a new hidden math (the Coral Castle “code”).

See also “Secret Energy Haunts Coral Castle,” Wired 2003.
and a tory/060328_coral_castle.html">skeptical look which offers a much more rational explanation.

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