Encyclopedic works

Ency­clo­pe­dias, knowl­edge data­bas­es, ulti­mate works, infor­ma­tion ontolo­gies.

The World as Infor­ma­tion by Robert D. Abbott [google]

Ency­clopédie, the Eng­light­en­ment tome assem­bled and writ­ten by Diderot, D’Alem­bert, Voltaire, Grimm and Rousseau etc. See [amazonify]1403968950::text::::Enlight­en­ing the World: Ency­clo­pe­die, The Book That Changed the Course of History[/amazonify] by Philipp Blom (Pal­grave Macmil­lan 2005) [wikipedia]

Project Xanadu

Wikipedia: The Free Ency­clo­pe­dia: “If it’s on the Web, Wikipedia will take it”

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