Epigenetic landscape

The epi­ge­net­ic land­scape is a metaphor by Waddington for the way that biot­ic life dynam­i­cal­ly changes the phys­i­cal land­scape where the life resides. “Epi­ge­net­ics” is a port­man­teau of epi­ge­n­e­sis and genet­ics. R. Buck­min­ster Fuller had been great­ly din­flu­enced by Waddington’s con­cept. [ton+epigenetic&btnG=Search”>google] [ton%20epigenetic&um=1&ie=UTF‑8&sa=N&tab=wp”>books]

C. H. Waddington

Con­rad Hal Waddington (1905–1975) [ton.html”>short bio]

A Waddington­ian glos­sary” pub­lished in Nature (2002)
as a com­pan­ion to an arti­cle, “Con­rad Hal Waddington: the last Renais­sance biol­o­gist?” by Jonathan M. W. Slack.



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  • [amazonify]B0007EP4RS::text::::The Strat­e­gy of the Genes: A dis­cus­sion of some aspects of theroet­i­cal biol­o­gy (1957)[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]B001ITS5HW::text::::The Eth­i­cal Ani­mal (1960)[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]0465086233::text::::Tools for Thought: How to Under­stand and Apply the Lat­est Sci­en­tif­ic Tech­niques of Prob­lem Solving[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]0231025092::text::::Waddington: New Pat­terns in Genet­ics & Devel­op­ment[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]0548389756::text::::The Nature Of Life[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]B000X405RG::text::::Behind Appear­ances[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]0201034387::text::::Evo­lu­tion and Con­scious­ness: Human Sys­tems in Tran­si­tion[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]B0019K44DY::text::::The Chal­lenge of Our Time: A Series of Essays[/amazonify]

Contemporary research in epigenetics

Dr. Sui Huang, of Uni­ver­si­ty of Cal­gary and Chil­drens Hos­pi­tal, Har­vard Med­ical School,
is a researcher whose pri­ma­ry inter­est is a gen­er­al the­o­ry of mul­ti-cel­lu­lar­i­ty. He has writ­ten about com­plex gene net­works and the epi­ge­net­ic land­scape.
Believes that the epi­ge­net­ic land­scape is the same as what is pop­u­lar­ly called an attractor land­scape today in the genome-wide gene expres­sion state space.

A list of cur­rent sci­en­tif­ic arti­cles deal­ing with epi­ge­net­ics (or, as he calls it, bioin­for­mat­ics) by Matthew Simon, who warns that it’s very dif­fi­cult to find such work since bioin­for­mat­ics is not present­ly a rec­og­nized dis­ci­pline.

An Exper­i­men­tal Explo­ration of Waddington’s Epi­ge­net­ic Land­scape

Epi­ge­net­ic land­scap­ing: Waddington’s use of cell fate bifur­ca­tion dia­grams” by Scott F. Gilbert (1991)

Blog post in Jason K. John­son’s Robot Ecolo­gies Lab (2007).

ton+epigenetic#a427485f06e0d461”>Review of Waddington in Usenet, cir­ca 2002

ton%20epigenetic&um=1&ie=UTF‑8&sa=N&tab=gs”>More aca­d­e­m­ic research papers and cita­tions


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