Flip Matrix

A flip matrix is the sequence of chan­nel num­bers used to cycle through in a ses­sion of chan­nel surf­ing on some broad­cast media.


Some ses­sions of chan­nel surf­ing (or “chan­nel hop­ping”) have their own unique flip matri­ces. Usu­al­ly a habit­u­al zap­per has a seed of chan­nels with which he starts the matrix at the begin­ning of every surf ses­sion. The chan­nels used in the seed vari­ates on inter­est and mood, and is soon adjust­ed by the feed­back giv­en to the surfer from the tv screen.

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to_ch.html”>The com­plete spaz’s guide to chan­nel surf­ing

Flip this chan­nel

A Deter­min­is­tic, Rel­e­vance-Weight­ed, Time-Divi­sion Algo­rithm for Tele­vi­sion Chan­nel Switch­ing

See also the work of Hen­ry Jenk­ins

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