Folk songs

Largest site of folk music and folk songs, divid­ed by nation­al­i­ty, is, with many links and an active forum.


The spe­cial­ty there is Ger­man folk music, Deutsche Lei­der (the Leader in Lieder mit Midi Melodies!) [Deutsche Volk­slieder]
[Kinder­lieder, Chil­dren’s Songs]

There’s also a Yahoo Group for Ger­man Music that has MIDI(!) sam­ples of var­i­ous folk clas­sics like “Lili Mar­leen.” For MP3s, go to Deutsch­land Spot.

Along with songs by var­i­ous nation­al­i­ties and eth­nic music, has Songs of the Sea with many old sea­far­ing songs and nau­ti­cal themed music, includ­ing “Cape Cod Girls.”


First published on March 6th, 2009 at 11:24 am

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