Frederick Eckman

Frederick Eckman (27 Oct 1924 - 28 Oct 1996), Ohio poet, editor, educator. Neo-beatnik. Deceased. [google]

Author of several poetry collections including Sandusky & Back and the 1958 chapbook Cobras and cockle shells: modes in recent poetry.

His work was posthumously collected in Over West: Selected Writings of Frederick Eckman, with Commentaries and Appreciations (National Poetry Foundation 1999). [GoodReads]

Bio page online at The Frederick W. Eckman Collection, MS775, part of the Center for Archival Collections at Bowling Green State University.

Son, Tom Eckman (also a poet), and his infant daughter were both among Charles Whitman’s victims during the sniper attack at the University of Austin on Aug 1, 1966. [pdf] [html]

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