Frederick G. Kilgour

Fred Kil­go­ur (1914–2006), a librar­i­an and infor­ma­tion sci­en­tist, cre­at­ed the OCLC (Online Com­put­er Library Cen­ter, nee Ohio Col­lege Library Cen­ter), the “largest research and library ser­vices enter­prise in the world,” acces­si­ble via World­Cat. [more]


OCLC’s memo­r­i­al arti­cle (illus­trat­ed) is worth read­ing. [PDF]

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Books and articles

His writ­ing on library automa­tion and book pub­lish­ing had a great influ­ence on my own out­look and ideas.

Most impor­tant is his book, [amazonify]0195118596::text::::The Evo­lu­tion of the Book[/amazonify] (Oxford Uni­ver­si­ty Press 1998). Fan­tas­tic history of the book with ideas for the future.

The Col­lect­ed Papers of Fred­er­ick G. Kil­go­ur, great read­ing, once online in scanned GIF files (!), are appar­ent­ly now offline. [toc.htm”>archive] [[amazonify]0933418493::text::::buy[/amazonify]]

Inter­li­brary Lend­ing Online,” Dr. Kil­go­ur’s entry to the Pio­neers of Infor­ma­tion Sci­ence Scrap­book (Oct 1998) by Dr. Bob Williams. [more]

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