Frederick G. Kilgour

Fred Kilgour (1914-2006), a librarian and information scientist, created the OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, nee Ohio College Library Center), the “largest research and library services enterprise in the world,” accessible via WorldCat. [more]

OCLC’s memorial article (illustrated) is worth reading. [PDF]

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Books and articles

His writing on library automation and book publishing had a great influence on my own outlook and ideas.

Most important is his book, The Evolution of the Book (Oxford University Press 1998). Fantastic history of the book with ideas for the future.

The Collected Papers of Frederick G. Kilgour, great reading, once online in scanned GIF files (!), are apparently now offline. [toc.htm">archive] [buy]

"Interlibrary Lending Online," Dr. Kilgour's entry to the Pioneers of Information Science Scrapbook (Oct 1998) by Dr. Bob Williams. [more]

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