Geodetic Monument

Forgotten monument at the summit of Mt. Shasta, California.,_1875-1903.htm">The Geodetic Monument by Arthur Francis Eichorn, Sr. (1874-1950) [google], courtesy of the">Virtual Musuem of Surveying, an excerpt from the book The Mount Shasta Story: Being a Concise History of the Famous California Mountain (Mount Shasta Herald 1957).

The I AM Story” (unusual story of the mountain’s past, pertaining to the St. Germain Legend), first generally known in 1934 from the book Unveiled Mysteries by “Godfrey Ray King” (Guy W. Ballard) and later told by Eichorn. [full text]

Reprinted in Mount Shasta: Home of the Ancients by Bruce Walton (Health Research 1985). [google books]

Could Mt. Shasta have been the ancient home of 25,000 survivors from a disaster on another continent, with an entire city built inside the mountain? That’s the claim.

Mount Shasta in legend and lore, in history, and with a geological perspective

Mount Shasta annotated bibliography

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