GIMP photo retouching

There’s a whole book of it, Klaus Goelker’s illustrated GIMP 2 for Photographers: Image Editing with Open Source Software. Here’s a collection of online GIMP tutorials, articles and sites for retouching and improving digital photographs.

The OSP Wiki is a wikified collection of tutorials on open source photography. [flickr group] [">tutorials]

torials/ReducingCCDNoise/">reducing CCD noise (should be always done to reduce noise in images, esp. indoor and low-light shots)

torials/CosmeticRetouch/">cosmetic retouching [torials/">more]">retouching portraits (using the “healing” tool to fix skin tones and blemishes)">post-processing an image with curves, giving a "glowing" effect, softening the light (good for portraits & people shots)

"airbrush a pretty girl" tutorial on smoothing skin, removing blemishes, using blurs and changing colors [">archive]

torials/SampleToning/">sampling toned images (make your digital images look like great b/w film or with sepia tones)

torials/BlurOverlays/">gaussian blur overlays

See the Gimp users group on Flickr.">Outline of digital photography techniques.

A Photographer’s Guide to Image Sizing

Snatchify” a photo image.

A high-pass filter torials/Sketch_Effect/">sketch effect (turn a photo of a person or object into a drawing)

torials/Perlotine/">Using Perl-O-Tine to slice and cut an image for putting in a web layout.

Use photos to make textured image backgrounds.

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