H. P. Lovecraft

Author of weird fiction, letter-writer, poet.

Of greatest interest are his letters and, to some degree, his poetry.

Letters and correspondence

The best writing in all of Lovecraft’s oeuvre are not found in his stories, but are contained in the prodigious correpsondence which seem to pour out with ease, like a faucet, without effort — and are generally well-written, insightful and easy to read, no matter what the topic. He wrote over one million letters — the most prolific letter-writer who ever lived?

Not all are published, many originals are sought after, traded and sold at high prices, and the thick volumnes of edited, published reams all have evocative titles: Mysteries of Time & Spirit, O Fortunate Floridian, Lord of a Visible World, Essential Solitude. Fantastic!

This essay on Lovecraft’s letters contains links to many of the published collections. [letters on ebay] [wikipedia]

Lovecraft’s poetry

This online reference to the book, The Poetry of H. P. LOVECRAFT by L. Sprague de Camp, contains several of Lovecraft’s poems (“Jonathan Vos Post, entirely composed & typed 11-12 August 1994”), part of “The Ultimate Science Fiction Poetry Guide.”

For further reference

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