H. P. Lovecraft

Author of weird fic­tion, let­ter-writer, poet.

Of great­est inter­est are his let­ters and, to some degree, his poet­ry.

Letters and correspondence


The best writ­ing in all of Love­craft’s oeu­vre are not found in his stories, but are con­tained in the prodi­gious cor­rep­son­dence which seem to pour out with ease, like a faucet, with­out effort — and are gen­er­al­ly well-writ­ten, insight­ful and easy to read, no mat­ter what the top­ic. He wrote over one mil­lion let­ters — the most pro­lif­ic let­ter-writer who ever lived?

Not all are pub­lished, many orig­i­nals are sought after, trad­ed and sold at high prices, and the thick volumnes of edit­ed, pub­lished reams all have evoca­tive titles: Mys­ter­ies of Time & Spir­it, O For­tu­nate Florid­i­an, Lord of a Vis­i­ble World, Essen­tial Soli­tude. Fan­tas­tic!

This essay on Love­craft’s let­ters con­tains links to many of the pub­lished col­lec­tions. [let­ters on ebay] [wikipedia]


Lovecraft’s poetry


This online ref­er­ence to the book, The Poet­ry of H. P. LOVECRAFT by L. Sprague de Camp, con­tains sev­er­al of Love­craft’s poems (“Jonathan Vos Post, entire­ly com­posed & typed 11–12 August 1994”), part of “The Ulti­mate Sci­ence Fic­tion Poet­ry Guide.”

For further reference

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