Harvard Classics

The “Five-Foot Shelf of Books” and com­pan­ion 20-vol­ume Shelf of Fic­tion


Assem­bled and edit­ed by Dr. Charles W. Eliot in 1910, what he called “all the books need­ed for a real edu­ca­tion.” [tonpressbooks.com/leather/product.asp?code=0286”>more] [ToC with com­men­tary] [google] [wiki]

The entire HC series is online at Bartle­by. You can also [amazonify]B0013RC8I6::text::::buy the com­plete set of books[/amazonify].

Eliot’s Elect: The Har­vard Clas­sics, 1910


Attempts at reading the entire series

List of cur­rent attemptors (46 in 3/09)

A com­e­dy writer took the year 2008 to try and do it


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