Herbert R. Axelrod

Herbert R. Axelrod (b. 1927), tycoon, author, adventurer, ichthyologist, violinist, stringed instrument collector, philanthopist, aquaculture specialist, pioneered the photography and breeding of tropical fish and founded Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazine. Charged for tax fraud and sentenced in 2005 for 1.5 years inprisonment (see below).

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Canada is home of the Axelrod Institute of Ichthyology



Accused of tax fraud in 2004 and fled to Cuba, toputhiscaresbehindhim.htm">living as a fugitive. [Aquaweb thread]

Caught leaving a plane in Berlin and brought to the US. NYTimes: “Once a Violin-Collecting Philanthropist, Now a Prisoner: A Fugitive Is Brought to Court

It then turned out that many of his donated instruments were not what they appeared to be. NYTimes: “The Dark Side of a Windfall

Stentenced in 2005. NYTimes, March 27, 2005: “BRIEFINGS: JUSTICE; PHILANTHROPIST SENTENCED

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