Herbert R. Axelrod

Her­bert R. Axel­rod (b. 1927), tycoon, author, adven­tur­er, ichthy­ol­o­gist, vio­lin­ist, stringed instru­ment col­lector, phil­an­thopist, aqua­cul­ture spe­cial­ist, pio­neered the photog­ra­phy and breed­ing of trop­i­cal fish and found­ed Trop­i­cal Fish Hob­by­ist mag­a­zine. Charged for tax fraud and sen­tenced in 2005 for 1.5 years inpris­on­ment (see below).

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Cana­da is home of the Axel­rod Insti­tute of Ichthy­ol­o­gy



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Accused of tax fraud in 2004 and fled to Cuba, toputhiscaresbehindhim.htm”>living as a fugi­tive. [Aquaweb thread]

Caught leav­ing a plane in Berlin and brought to the US. NYTimes: “Once a Vio­lin-Col­lect­ing Phil­an­thropist, Now a Pris­on­er: A Fugi­tive Is Brought to Court

It then turned out that many of his donat­ed instru­ments were not what they appeared to be. NYTimes: “The Dark Side of a Wind­fall

Sten­tenced in 2005. NYTimes, March 27, 2005: “BRIEFINGS: JUSTICE; PHILANTHROPIST SENTENCED

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