Plastic Russian-made medium format camera (b. 1982). Leaky, unpredictable results, great bright colors. Used for lo-fi art photography.

to.com/july2001/plastic_fantastic.shtml">Plastic fantastic!" is a nice introductory article, with illustrations.

Once you’re sold on it, you need to get one. You can get a low-cost cheap Holga itself, or spend just a few bucks more and get a lomo starter kit that comes with all kinds of accessories.

to/eHolga.html">Holga, my Holga" fun page with FAQs and info. Follow the tips for to/eHolga.html#prepping">prepping the Holga when you first get it. [to/fHolga.html">en fran├žais]

A page of holga hacks.

Holga cameras: site with tips and info.

Fuji still makes great film available at a discount in bulk (this is Velvia RVP 100 color slide film, great for the Holga).

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