Plastic Russian-made medium format camera (b. 1982). Leaky, unpredictable results, great bright colors. Used for lo-fi art photography.

Plastic fantastic!” is a nice introductory article, with illustrations.

Once you’re sold on it, you need to get one. You can get a low-cost cheap Holga itself, or spend just a few bucks more and get a lomo starter kit that comes with all kinds of accessories.

Holga, my Holga” fun page with FAQs and info. Follow the tips for prepping the Holga when you first get it. [en fran├žais]

A page of holga hacks.

Holga cameras: site with tips and info.

Fuji still makes great film available at a discount in bulk (this is Velvia RVP 100 color slide film, great for the Holga).

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