Index of Dossiers

iPhone photography

Arthur S. Halsey, Jr.

Bernard Gladstone

Publishing terms

Cut-ups and the Internet

Feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy

Adelle Davis

Sigrid Undset

Asperatus clouds

Shigeaki Hinohara

Low-light photography techniques

George Leonard Herter

Online discussion and mailing lists


Browser hacking

AdSense strategies

All about AWK

Pop-out photos

Linux file recovery

Emacs hacks and customizations

Roff-based typesetting

DPI, PPI, image resolution explained

Street photography

Homemade light tent

New pinhole cameras

Best film processing

Vintage film cameras

Self-computing exposures

TTV Photography

Artificial Polaroids

126 Instamatic film

Affordable digital camera comparisons (2008)


Orton technique

GIMP photo retouching

Open source lomography

DIY tilt-shift photography

Urban acid for the Gimp

Digital cross processing

Regexp hacks

Navy coffee

Salted coffee

Bash scripting 101


Net history

Downloading videos

Justin Wilson

Canon PowerShot G9

Paul Harvey

Folk songs

LaTeX hackery

Contemporary photographers

Realtime chat

Paul Lemperly

Voynich manuscript

Removing wine labels

The Pete Moore Singers

Johnny Moss


Anatolian tree rings


Jacques Barzun

Dream writing


Stephen Wolfram

Computing pre-history

Shell one-liners

Tsunemi Kubodera

Macedonian tombs of Pella

Tomb of Odysseus

Deep-sea photography

Edward Leedskalnin

Trevor James Constable

Dorothea and Sy Barlowe

Automatism in art

Folding letters

Sumerian poetry

Telecine Film Processing

Frugal lifestyle

Good, cheap wine

Critical Path Method

Bob Propst


Inverted gardening


Harvard Classics

Ganzfeld effect

Bettie Page

DIY Radios

Woods Hole

Geodetic Monument

Latin language resources

Jonathan Huebner

Bird songs

Weatherwax dogs

Book collectors

Statistics and figures

Ian Gilmartin

Uses for lavendar

Toothpaste recipes

Daniel Clowes

Blogs as media

Aircheck collecting

Napoleon Hill

Athanasius Kircher

Allan Turner

Historic New York

Herbert Asbury

Philip Atkinson

Dorothy L. Sayers

Anthony Judge

GM Futurliner

New York World’s Fair 1939–1940

Mortimer J. Adler

Moncla and Wilson

Container gardening

Online writing

Web-search philosophies

Etext processors

Righteous design

Frederick G. Kilgour

Other lost-history collections

Email interfaces

J. D. Ratcliff

Screen text

His Name Is Alive

Modern-Age songwriters

Camden Joy


Analog recordings

Night clubs of the 90s

Indie rock’s online presence

Stratemeyer Syndicate

Edgar Allan Poe

20s Culture

Fitzgerald criticism


Encyclopedic works

H. P. Lovecraft


Shakespeare & Co.

Frederick Eckman

Mzee Tony Simon Mosha

Edgar Cayce

Barbara Ward

Herbert R. Axelrod

Montague Free

Herbert S. Zim

Oswald Spengler

J. B. Rhine

Eliza Haywood

Buwei Yang Chao

Mark Kram

Jack Black

Online book archives

Bret Harte

Word oddities

Harry Stephen Keeler

Hugh Gallagher

Robert Arthur

Beatnik poetry

Ed White


John Isaacs

Royal Rife

Hedy Lamarr

Peters projection

Leslie Lamport

Alessandro De Maddalena


Jiri Baum

Robot vacuums

Epigenetic landscape

Trigant Burrow

Zipf’s law

Mechanical television

Torre Bert

Invention news

Trigger plants

Flip Matrix

W. J. Sidis

Wilhelm Reich


J. W. Dunne

Wernher von Braun

Eugenie Clark


Peter Duesberg


Daphne du Maurier

Web Fiction

Publishing fiction in the 21st century

Clifford A. Pickover

Blossom Dearie

Donald E. Knuth

James H. Pomerene

Amateur experimentalism

Flash Poetry



Bruce R. MacDonald

Eating Ortolans

Nicholson Baker

Swope’s Mansion

Matt Drudge


Historic Preservation


Ricardo Montalban

Leo Gurko

Louis E. Bisch

Kakure Kirishitan

Half-Barrel Ponds

Stafford Beer and Team Syntegrity

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