Inverted gardening

A method of growing plants in a hanging planter where the rooting medium is suspended above the plant, so that the plant grows downward. Used for growing tomato plants indoors. [tos/programwitch/sets/72057594098650280/">photos] [google]

Topsy Turvy

A commerical product is available,">Topsy Turvy. [topsyturvey.htm">old]

"Tomato-Growing Device Turns World of Gardening Upside Down, Had Appeared on QVC” [archive]

Making your own inverted planters

There’s a number of articles on DIY methods. One simple, effective way is to put a cherry tomato plant through the bottom hole of a plastic hanging planter, fill it with dirt and plant parsley on the top of it.

Some use plastic 2-liter soda jugs and mount them to stakes outdoors.

Inverted Indoor Gardening” was a 2006 article on making an indoor planter according to this method. [archive]

to-Planter">Another DIY guide to doing this.

First published on March 4th, 2009 at 3:56 pm