Inverted gardening

A method of grow­ing plants in a hang­ing planter where the root­ing medi­um is sus­pend­ed above the plant, so that the plant grows down­ward. Used for grow­ing tomato plants indoors. [tos/programwitch/sets/72057594098650280/”>photos] [google]

Topsy Turvy

A com­mer­i­cal prod­uct is avail­able,”>Topsy Turvy. [topsyturvey.htm”>old]

“Tomato-Grow­ing Device Turns World of Gar­den­ing Upside Down, Had Appeared on QVC” [archive]


Making your own inverted planters

There’s a num­ber of arti­cles on DIY meth­ods. One sim­ple, effec­tive way is to put a cher­ry tomato plant through the bottom hole of a plas­tic hang­ing planter, fill it with dirt and plant pars­ley on the top of it.

Some use plas­tic 2‑liter soda jugs and mount them to stakes out­doors.

“Invert­ed Indoor Gar­den­ing” was a 2006 arti­cle on mak­ing an indoor planter accord­ing to this method. [archive]

to-Planter”>Another DIY guide to doing this.


First published on March 4th, 2009 at 3:56 pm

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