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Yeah, it’s a surg­ing trend (2010). Despite any ini­tial trou­bles & prob­lems, the new iPhone v4 has a great­ly improved cam­era: super fast shut­ter, quick start and stop, improved res­o­lu­tion, cam­era mode, and flip­pable (there­fore mak­ing the ladies’ com­pact mir­ror now obso­lete).

Blogs, media and news

Glyn Evans’ iPho­neog­ra­phy cov­ers iPhone photog­ra­phy and videog­ra­phy.


Photographers and Galleries

Need a quick fix? Here’s a toble.com/photo-inspiration/amazing-pictures-taken-with-an-apple-iphone/”>good breath­less run­down of great shots!

to.us/”>iPhone Photog­ra­phy is a read­er-sub­mit­ted gallery of great iPhone pix.

Yes. there’s a tography/”>Flickr group.

Greg Schmigel is a street photog­ra­ph­er who uses an iPhone and puts it all on the webs at Just What I See. [twit­ter]

Chase Jarvis’s “tos-pi_19.html”>iPhone as Art

Tak­en With an iPhone is anoth­er gallery site.

Since 2008, there’s even been an Annu­al iPhone Photo Award


Tools, apps and add-ons

Phil Coff­man is a great iPhone photog­ra­ph­er and he shares infor­ma­tion on app com­bos and tech­niques in this tog­ra­phy/i­phone-photography/”>blog entry.

Hip­sta­mat­ic is a clever app that makes your iPhone cam­era work like the best (and cheap­est) of the cheap plas­tic medi­um-for­mat film cam­eras of the past. It’s clever because it does­n’t stop at the $1.99 app, but you can buy add-on lens­es and film packs for more vari­a­tions and effects. The mak­ers of the app reg­u­lar­ly run a read­er-sub­mit­ted con­test, with a gallery for the win­ners, but I’ll tell ya: best Hip­sta­mat­ic pics I’ve seen are right on tos/jkonrath/sets/72157624389355400/with/4759014572/”>Jon Kon­rath’s Flickr photostream. Awe­some!

You can even do HDR with an iPhone! [video howto]

Need more? Friedbeef’s Tech has a great run­down: “tography-resources/”>12 Awe­some iPhone Photog­ra­phy Resources

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