iPhone photography

Yeah, it’s a surging trend (2010). Despite any initial troubles & problems, the new iPhone v4 has a greatly improved camera: super fast shutter, quick start and stop, improved resolution, camera mode, and flippable (therefore making the ladies’ compact mirror now obsolete).

Blogs, media and news

Glyn Evans’ iPhoneography covers iPhone photography and videography.

Photographers and Galleries

Need a quick fix? Here’s a toble.com/photo-inspiration/amazing-pictures-taken-with-an-apple-iphone/">good breathless rundown of great shots!

to.us/">iPhone Photography is a reader-submitted gallery of great iPhone pix.

Yes. there’s a tography/">Flickr group.

Greg Schmigel is a street photographer who uses an iPhone and puts it all on the webs at Just What I See. [twitter]

Chase Jarvis’s “tos-pi_19.html">iPhone as Art"

Taken With an iPhone is another gallery site.

Since 2008, there's even been an Annual iPhone Photo Award

Tools, apps and add-ons

Phil Coffman is a great iPhone photographer and he shares information on app combos and techniques in this tography/iphone-photography/">blog entry.

Hipstamatic is a clever app that makes your iPhone camera work like the best (and cheapest) of the cheap plastic medium-format film cameras of the past. It's clever because it doesn't stop at the $1.99 app, but you can buy add-on lenses and film packs for more variations and effects. The makers of the app regularly run a reader-submitted contest, with a gallery for the winners, but I’ll tell ya: best Hipstamatic pics I’ve seen are right on tos/jkonrath/sets/72157624389355400/with/4759014572/">Jon Konrath's Flickr photostream. Awesome!

You can even do HDR with an iPhone! [video howto]

Need more? Friedbeef’s Tech has a great rundown: “tography-resources/">12 Awesome iPhone Photography Resources

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