J. B. Rhine


Joseph Banks Rhine, the “father of modern parapsychology.” Husband of Dr Louisa E. Rhine. Together conducted experiments in ESP and the paranormal at Duke University, North Carolina.

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The Rhine Research Center Insitute for Parapsychology is still active.


The Reach of the Mind

Extra Sensory Perception (Kindle)

Encyclopedia of the Unexplained: Magic, Occultism, and Parapsychology

Hidden Channels of the Mind (by LE Rhine, foreword by JB Rhine)

Articles and references to Rhine

The Enchanted Voyager - The Life of J.B. Rhine

The Rhine-Jung Letters: Distinguishing Parapsychological from Synchronistic Events

Toward a physical foundation for PSI phenomena,” the 1994 JB Rhine Lecture, August 8, 1994.

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