J. W. Dunne

Dream post by Dunne


An Experiment with Time

Most famous book — “for­got­ten clas­sic” for years, first pub­lished in 1927, hard to find, recent­ly reprint­ed in [amazonify]1571742344::text::::paperback[/amazonify]

The idea that what dreams depict are from events both from your past and future

Men­tioned in [amazonify]0276552113::text::::Fate Mag­a­zine, Nov 1952[/amazonify]

[short sum­ma­ry] [trib­ute page] [wikipedia]

Book review from 2006

One blog­ger’s rec­ol­lec­tions along with bio and bib­li­og­ra­phy on Dunne

A longer review from a blog­ger



A Note by J. W. Dunne

[amazonify]1417979046::text::::The Ser­i­al Uni­verse[/amazonify] (1938)

[Google books]

Ear­ly book: [amazonify]B000UUCBLG::text::::An Adven­ture[/amazonify] (Pref­ace of Edith Oliv­er)


Anoth­er book doc­u­ment­ing his find­ings


The New Immortality

Excerpt from chap­ter xx [archive]


Devel­oped a float plane in 1914

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