Justin Wilson

Star of “Cajun’ Cookin’ ”; Cajun cook, racon­teur and humorist. Deceased.


“I guar-on-tee!”

In addi­tion to his cook­ing and famous tele­vi­sion show, Wil­son wrote a [amazonify]0882893629::text::::children’s book of Cajun fables[/amazonify] (a “Cajun Moth­er Goose”) and record­ed many albums of Cajun humor as well as music.

Pur­chased the Mod­erne man­sion built by William G. Rankin in the 1930’s, pre­served and restored it (see “Thor­ough­ly Mod­erne: An Archi­tec­tur­al Gem with a Spicy History,” Inside North­side, Jan 2009).


For further reference

Pleeese bah mah ressi-peees!”

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