LaTeX hackery

Some use­ful tips and tricks in LaTeX

Online book, Kochbuch für LaTeX (Deutsch) is full of prewrit­ten “recipes” for var­i­ous type­set­ting jobs and sit­u­a­tions.

“LaTeX: It’s Not Just for Acad­e­mia”: part one and two


Fonts and Typefaces


The TeX Font Guide is a read­able online book filled with advice (and exam­ples).

Using True­Type fonts with TeX (LaTeX) and pdf­TeX (pdfLa­TeX)” by Damir Rak­ityan­sky

Using True­Type fonts with TEX via Post­script Type1 for­mat

Adding Post­script fonts to teTeX 0.4

Mak­ing a Post­Script font avail­able

big directory of zipped tex/latex fonts

long readme with step-by-step instruc­tions on installing fonts

more hints and tips on installing fonts from simar­il con­sul­tants

avail­able fonts

mftrace — Scal­able Fonts for Meta­Font

fonts and sym­bols, meta­font info and links for cre­at­ing your own fonts and sim­ple draw­ings with meta­font

What hap­pened to Thomas Dun­bar’s METAFONT and Lin­ux: A Per­son­al Com­put­ing Milieu? (Pub­lished as a com­pressed Post­Script file, ear­ly 90s)


TeX and LaTeX groups and publications

The UK TeX FAQ (search­able)


Prac­TeX Jour­nal: prac­ti­cal TeX, “how to get things done” with TeX

NTG: Dutch lan­guage ori­ent­ed TeX users group

True­TeX Soft­ware: TeX for Win­dows

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