LaTeX hackery

Some useful tips and tricks in LaTeX

Online book, Kochbuch für LaTeX (Deutsch) is full of prewritten “recipes” for various typesetting jobs and situations.

LaTeX: It’s Not Just for Academia”: part one and two

Fonts and Typefaces

The TeX Font Guide is a readable online book filled with advice (and examples).

Using TrueType fonts with TeX (LaTeX) and pdfTeX (pdfLaTeX)” by Damir Rakityansky

Using TrueType fonts with TEX via Postscript Type1 format

Adding Postscript fonts to teTeX 0.4

Making a PostScript font available

big directory of zipped tex/latex fonts

long readme with step-by-step instructions on installing fonts

more hints and tips on installing fonts from simaril consultants

available fonts

mftrace - Scalable Fonts for MetaFont

fonts and symbols, metafont info and links for creating your own fonts and simple drawings with metafont

What happened to Thomas Dunbar’s METAFONT and Linux: A Personal Computing Milieu? (Published as a compressed PostScript file, early 90s)

TeX and LaTeX groups and publications

The UK TeX FAQ (searchable)


PracTeX Journal: practical TeX, “how to get things done” with TeX

NTG: Dutch language oriented TeX users group

TrueTeX Software: TeX for Windows

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