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John Logie Baird [FAQ] was a Scots­man who invent­ed MTV — a mechan­i­cal tele­vi­sion

tor-of-tv”>John Logie Baird and the Inven­tion of Tele­vi­sion” on Enter­tain­ment­Cen­terSpot is a clear and con­cise pro­file of the man and his device. Illus­trat­ed. Includes a dia­gram of Baird’s tele­vi­sion process from Radio News (April, 1928).”> arti­cle on John Baird includes a spooky image from the mechan­i­cal TV. (Eraser­head?)

Illus­trat­ed arti­cle at the muse­um of tele­vi­sion

Great trib­ute site:


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