Night clubs of the 90s

Most are gone long enough to be mem­oired about [videos]


Blind Pig, Ann Arbor




The Nine of Clubs was the “pro­gres­sive” place to be … but by the time the 90s kicked in it became the Alter House, and then it was gone. Fea­tured on the “Lost in the 80s” site: Lost in Cleve­land — The Nine of Clubs.


Crazy Mama’s (High St., across from the OSU cam­pus) and Mean Mr. Mus­tard’s were the places to be. Mark Gun­der­son used to have a page about these places and all sorts of 90s Colum­bus GenX good­ness, long gone [archive] that also includ­ed a list of good thrift shops, with descrip­tions and rat­ings. [archive]



Sudsy Mal­one’s “Rock ‘N Roll Laun­dry and Bar,” a club that was in a laun­dro­mat…

Bowling Green



The Store Room was a Seat­tle club/bar on West­lake Ave with awe­some shows and one of the best “grunge” comp CDs ever, Here’s to the Losers (1991?) [ftp (!) review] (The Store Room’s men­tioned in Mud­honey’s first newslet­ter and the CD was reviewed in Review Addict late 1990s)

Croc­o­dile Cafe: The Croc’s closed


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