Orton technique


Also known as “Orton imagery,” the tech­nique invent­ed by stock photog­ra­ph­er Michael Orton in the 1970s. He used a tri­pod to take two slide photos of a scene, one under­ex­posed and anoth­er over­ex­posed and blur­ry; by super­im­pos­ing the two slides, the resul­tant image gave the scene a glow­ing, ethe­re­al, “oth­er­world­ly” effect.

There are ways of repro­duc­ing the Orton effect on dig­i­tal images. There’s a Flickr ton/”>Orton group and a “ton/discuss/72157605824087295/”>definitive tutor­i­al.”


There are var­i­ous ways to do this with open-source free soft­ware tools. ton+gimp&num=100″>All ref­er­ences to “orton” and “gimp”. [ton%20gimp%20site%3Aflickr.com&um=1&ie=UTF‑8&sa=N&tab=wi”>images]

See the ton-effect.html”>Gimparoo! tutor­i­al (an adap­ta­tion of a Photoshop tutor­i­al) [ton-effect/”>more]

Chris Empey’s ton-technique”>open source tutor­i­al for emu­lat­ing the Orton tech­nique. [ton_effec.php”>original]

Anoth­er Gimp tutor­i­al.

There are also plu­g­ins, such as the orton effect plu­g­in [ton-Example.jpg”>example] but I’ve found, as with the fakelo­mo plu­g­ins, the hands-on image mod­if­ca­tion you can do your­self is bet­ter than the plu­g­ins almost all of the time.

Michael Orton’s book, [amazonify]1584280484::text::::Photograph­ing Cre­ative Land­scapes: Sim­ple Tools for Artis­tic Images and Enhanced Cre­ativ­i­ty[/amazonify]


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