Paul Harvey

Paul Har­vey Aurandt (1909–2009). Radio broad­cast­er. Deceased.

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The ear­ly days


Recordings, books and broadcasts


Libraries are a good source of record­ings and books by Har­vey. The clas­sic Paul Har­vey book is [amazonify]0553259628::text::::The Rest of the Story[/amazonify], full of the stories from his broad­casts. He put out some records, too, and some of the old­er records are hard to find, such as Our Lives, Our For­tunes, Our Sacred Hon­or.

There was a tor-into-the-21st-century”>2007 effort by a fan to get Har­vey’s broad­casts stream­ing online. And there are some record­ings online, too:

Speech by Paul Har­vey, “In God We Trust” (flash required).

Zipped mp3 of “The Brave Light That Won’t Go Out,” one of Paul Har­vey’s “The Rest of the Story” broad­casts.

There’s a col­lec­tion of Paul Har­vey’s on the air endorse­ments for Rian­ni tan­k­less water heaters from 2006.

A few Paul Har­vey airchecks. Try the var­i­ous aircheck archives, espe­cial­ly Reel­Ra­dio and Rock Radio Scrap­book.

Spy­mob has an mp3 song from 1996 called [amazonify]B000QQ4T5U::text::::“Paul Harvey”[/amazonify] (99 cents to own).”>tor­rentz

An mp3 search for PH airchecks.



The End of the Story”>Paul Har­vey, Good Night

Good day, Mr. Har­vey–02-28-paul-havey-obit_N.htm”>Paul Har­vey’s sin­gu­lar voice falls silent

Be sure to read Al Peter­son­’s per­son­al note on Mr. Har­vey’s pass­ing.

State­ments on his pass­ing. tory&personId=124718819”>Obit. Guest book.


More Paul Harvey fun

Don’t miss the Paul Har­vey morph: view his image from high school to the end of his life. Oth­er good Tul­sa mem­o­ries and photos here, too.


For further reference

[amazonify]0553259628[/amazonify] [amazonify]0553296760[/amazonify] [amazonify]055326074X[/amazonify] [amazonify]0553260146[/amazonify]
[amazonify]B000ENQ3AY[/amazonify] [amazonify]055326074X[/amazonify] [amazonify]B001ST7MHQ[/amazonify] [amazonify]1596981016[/amazonify]

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