Paul Harvey

Paul Harvey Aurandt (1909-2009). Radio broadcaster. Deceased.

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The early days

Recordings, books and broadcasts

Libraries are a good source of recordings and books by Harvey. The classic Paul Harvey book is The Rest of the Story, full of the stories from his broadcasts. He put out some records, too, and some of the older records are hard to find, such as Our Lives, Our Fortunes, Our Sacred Honor.

There was a tor-into-the-21st-century">2007 effort by a fan to get Harvey’s broadcasts streaming online. And there are some recordings online, too:

Speech by Paul Harvey, “In God We Trust” (flash required).

Zipped mp3 of “The Brave Light That Won’t Go Out,” one of Paul Harvey’s “The Rest of the Story” broadcasts.

There’s a collection of Paul Harvey’s on the air endorsements for Rianni tankless water heaters from 2006.

A few Paul Harvey airchecks. Try the various aircheck archives, especially ReelRadio and Rock Radio Scrapbook.

Spymob has an mp3 song from 1996 called “Paul Harvey” (99 cents to own).">torrentz

An mp3 search for PH airchecks.



The End of the Story">Paul Harvey, Good Night"

"Good day, Mr. Harvey

"">Paul Harvey's singular voice falls silent"

Be sure to read Al Peterson’s personal note on Mr. Harvey’s passing.

Statements on his passing. tory&personId=124718819">Obit. Guest book.

More Paul Harvey fun

Don’t miss the Paul Harvey morph: view his image from high school to the end of his life. Other good Tulsa memories and photos here, too.

For further reference

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