Peter Duesberg

Sci­en­tist and edu­cator. Iso­lat­ed the first can­cer gene in 1970 and has a con­trar­i­an approach to the AIDS epi­dem­ic, deny­ing the rela­tion of HIV to AIDS.

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Books and publications

List of books:

  • [amazonify]0895264706::text::::Invent­ing the AIDS Virus[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]1556431953::text::::Infec­tious AIDS: Have We Been Mis­led?[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]0201624664::text::::Invent­ing the AIDS Virus: The Great­est Med­ical Mis­cal­cu­la­tion in History[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]0943742064::text::::Poi­son by Pre­scrip­tion: The Azt Story[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]0913571059::text::::AIDS: The Good News Is HIV Does­n’t Cause It[/amazonify]

  • [amazonify]0312112939::text::::Invent­ing the AIDS Epi­dem­ic[/amazonify]

List of arti­cles

Com­men­taries etc
Sci­en­tif­ic papers

“A multi­bil­lion $ Quiz: Is AIDS a viral or a chem­i­cal epi­dem­ic?” [5.2MB Pow­er­Point] [2.1MB PDF]

Interviews and articles

A Mod­ern-Day Coper­ni­cus: Peter H. Dues­berg,” by Don­ald W. Miller, Jr., MD

Chal­leng­ing the Viral The­o­ry of AIDS: An Inter­view with Dr. Peter Dues­berg” by David Jay Brown


Banishment and criticism

AIDS “Dis­si­dent” Seeks Redemp­tion… and a Cure for Can­cer,” Dis­cov­er, May 15, 2008

Mar­tin Delaney arti­cle

Dues­berg pro­filed in list of AIDS denial­ists

“The Dues­berg Phe­nom­e­non: A Berke­ley virol­o­gist and his sup­port­ers con­tin­ue to argue that HIV is not the cause of AIDS. A 3‑month inves­ti­ga­tion by Sci­ence eval­u­ates their claims” [PDF]

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