Philip Atkinson

Author (b 1947), Internet publisher, philosopher with Spenglerian ideas. [bio]

Main site:

Began to publish etexts of various classical (mostly 18th century) works, especially articles and excerpts including “How to write plain English” by the Fowler brothers. [more]

A Study Of Our Decline

Book concerning the decline of Western civilization. Published online.
“An explanation of civilisation inspired by observation of Australians in the late twentieth and early twenty-first century.”

The book, or “study,” takes the form of many short chapters that function as online articles. Some examples:

What Is Declining When A Civilization Declines?

How To Live In A Declining Civilisation”: a collection of tips and advice.

The New Science Of Philosophy

How Can A Declining Civilization Be Saved?

Atkinson has published a short online sanity test.

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