R. Buck­min­ster Fuller (1895–1983), inventor, writer, philoso­pher, speak­er, artist, design­er, sci­en­tist, show­man, explor­er




Buck­min­ster Fuller Insti­tute (BFI)

Crit­i­cal Path project

Good books to start with: [amazonify]3037781262::text::::Oper­at­ing Man­u­al for Space­ship Earth[/amazonify] (per­haps most famous, a rel­e­vant quick-read­ing paper­back), [amazonify]3037781270::text::::Utop­ia or Obliv­ion: The Prospects for Human­i­ty[/amazonify] (good read, rel­e­vant paper­back), [amazonify]0312174918::text::::Crit­i­cal Path[/amazonify], [amazonify]0738203793::text::::Buck­min­ster Fuller’s Uni­verse: His Life and Work[/amazonify], [amazonify]3037781327::text::::And It Came to Pass — Not to Stay[/amazonify] (poet­ry), [amazonify]1607027593::text::::Grunch of Giants[/amazonify] (clas­sic about transna­tion­al cor­po­ra­tions, mon­ey, prof­its and nation­al sov­er­eign­ty), [amazonify]0020653204::text::::Syn­er­get­ics[/amazonify] (the “big red book,” ulti­mate­ly his mas­ter­work). [amazonify]B000S9AT6S::text::::Buck­min­ster Fuller Speaks His Mind[/amazonify] (rare mul­ti-disk speak­ing engage­ments now on MP3 down­load), [amazonify]6303852904::text::::World of Buck­min­ster Fuller[/amazonify] (old VHS film fea­tures Indi­ra Gand­hi and oth­ers), [amazonify]B000V8Y9W6::text::::The Clock is Stop­ping: The Human Sce­nario[/amazonify] (clas­sic talks from Smith­son­ian Folk­ways, pre­vi­ous­ly rare and out of print, now on mp3 with instant down­load), [amazonify]0471198129::text::::Bucky Works : Buck­min­ster Fuller’s Ideas for Today[/amazonify] (Jay Bald­win’s late-90s update, a great first intro), [amazonify]B0007US852::text::::Buck­min­ster Fuller: The Lost Inter­views[/amazonify] (incred­i­ble DVD set), [amazonify]097406050X::text::::Guinea Pig B: The 56 Year Exper­i­ment[/amazonify] (new!), [amazonify]0300126204::text::::Buck­min­ster Fuller: Start­ing with the Uni­verse[/amazonify] (illus­trat­ed art book from the Whit­ney Muse­um of Art)


Amy Edmon­son’s A Fuller Expla­na­tion: The Syn­er­getic Geom­e­try of R. Buck­min­ster Fuller

unfold­ed poly­he­dra

The Nature of Order

t‑module project


Amory Lovins

update on rbf home in Car­bon­dale

PRSCO robots

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Explor­ing Emer­gence

Progress and Its Sus­tain­abil­i­ty

The Ing­ber lab­o­ratory

Out-Dat­ed Sci­en­tif­ic Per­cep­tions of Real­i­ty


tors.com/lists.html”>Reality Sculptors Dis­cus­sion Groups

New Civ­i­liza­tion Net­work

Gallery of Inter­ac­tive Geom­e­try


Sci­ence and San­i­ty Read­ing List

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Tran­scend­ing Dual­i­ty through Ten­sion­al Integri­ty


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Union of Inter­na­tion­al Asso­ci­a­tions (UIA)

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cor­ti­cal hexa­gons


A New Fam­i­ly of Six Degree Of Free­dom Posi­tion­al Devices

The art of num­bers

Bill Lau­ritzen’s Earth360

Fly­ing will be as easy as dri­ving a car

geo­des­ic club­house

vir­tu­al­ized real­i­ty


Research in the Rubin Group

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Jit­ter­bug Defined Poly­he­dra: The Shape and Dynam­ics of Space

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