Regexp hacks

tips and tricks for learning, building and using regular expressions

IBM developerWorks tutorials and articles

Know your regular expressions

Hone your regexp pattern-building skills” is a hands-on tutorial taking you through the classic UNIX and Linux command-line tools.

Other tutorials and articles

You can pre-order the Regular Expressions Cookbook to get it the day it’s released (2009). Mastering Regular Expressions is currently available.

Pattern Matching and Regular Expressions

Regular Expressions explained

Finding Text in Context”: an article about grep’s context output.

Regexp examples and one-liners

Examples from, a searchable library of thousands of regular expressions

list of regexps for matching numbers

For further reference

If it lives up to its name, the Regular Expressions Cookbook is bound to be a classic.

Need more? The dmoz listing for regexps is long.

First published on March 7th, 2009 at 10:14 pm