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Fantasy Island

Ricardo Montalbàn as Mr. Roarke

Ricardo Montalbán achieved great fame as the suave Mr. Roarke of ABC television’s Fantasy Island. (1977-1984)
(Opening scene waterfalls filmed at tours_4.htm">Wailua Falls, Kauai, Hawaii [tos/ig/aerial_photos_of_kauai/jack_harter_079.htm">aerial closeup])

Role of secret Catholic mysticism [Wikipedia citation of Mr. Roarke's forms of prayer and the Catholic Sacrament of Holy Matrimony used in episode "The Wedding" (season 3, the wedding of terminally ill Helena Marsh, played by Samantha Eggar)]

Then narrated and hosted Fatima, 1hr film documentary (1984) (Also appeared in Catholic Insight films of the 1960s)

"Keeping the Faith in Hollywood" (1999) [mp3]

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