Royal Rife

Dr. Royal Rife (1888-1971), cancer researcher, inventor

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Invented The Rife Universal Microscope in 1933 which could magnify 31,000 times. Claimed to view viruses. Invented frequency instrument to destroy germs, cure cancer. Opened a practice and was eventually threatened by authorities, who raided his office without a warrant and eventually confiscated all equipment, notes and records.

Articles and books on Rife

Quick primer: “Royal Raymond Rife” tells of his life and discoveries.

Illustrated article, “Has the Greatest Health Discovery in History Been Suppressed?

Rife was the topic of several books. One with a great deal of favorable reviews is The Cancel Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Suppression by Barry Lynes. Dr. Florence B. Seibert, creator of the TB skin test, says, “I think this book is superb and far superior to anything we scientists could write…”

Another book, with mixed reviews, is Royal R. Rife: Humanitarian, Betrayed and Persecuted by Gerald F. Foye, who says that he himself has experimented with the Rife frequency technologies. He also published this book under the pseudonym of Fred Farly

Film documentary, Royal Rife’s Beam Ray Device: Construction, Operation, and Effects on Selected Microorganisms

There is also a thriller by R. E. Payne, The End of All Diseases: An Obscure San Diego Genius Develops A Cure For Cancer In 1930 that is based on Rife but quickly goes from an introduction into what is apparently fiction.

Those who support Rife and his work call themselves “Rifers”

Long list of many “rifer” mailing lists

Practice today

Several vendors sell Rife machines. Many available discounted on Amazon: the Rife Machine System by CHI and
Global Wellness Model G Plus Rife Machine by Global.

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