Royal Rife

Dr. Roy­al Rife (1888–1971), can­cer researcher, inventor

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Invent­ed The Rife Uni­ver­sal Micro­scope in 1933 which could mag­ni­fy 31,000 times. Claimed to view virus­es. Invent­ed fre­quen­cy instru­ment to destroy germs, cure can­cer. Opened a prac­tice and was even­tu­al­ly threat­ened by author­i­ties, who raid­ed his office with­out a war­rant and even­tu­al­ly con­fis­cat­ed all equip­ment, notes and records.

Articles and books on Rife

Quick primer: “Roy­al Ray­mond Rife” tells of his life and dis­cov­er­ies.

Illus­trat­ed arti­cle, “Has the Great­est Health Dis­cov­ery in History Been Sup­pressed?

Rife was the top­ic of sev­er­al books. One with a great deal of favor­able reviews is [amazonify]0919951309::text::::The Can­cel Cure That Worked: 50 Years of Sup­pres­sion[/amazonify] by Bar­ry Lynes. Dr. Flo­rence B. Seib­ert, creator of the TB skin test, says, “I think this book is superb and far supe­ri­or to any­thing we sci­en­tists could write…”

Anoth­er book, with mixed reviews, is [amazonify]0965961338::text::::Roy­al R. Rife: Human­i­tar­i­an, Betrayed and Per­se­cut­ed[/amazonify] by Ger­ald F. Foye, who says that he him­self has exper­i­ment­ed with the Rife fre­quen­cy tech­nolo­gies. He also pub­lished this book under the pseu­do­nym of [amazonify]0965961311::text::::Fred Farly[/amazonify]

Film doc­u­men­tary, [amazonify]1889071153::text::::Roy­al Rife’s Beam Ray Device: Con­struc­tion, Oper­a­tion, and Effects on Select­ed Microor­gan­isms[/amazonify]

There is also a thriller by R. E. Payne, [amazonify]1410753409::text::::The End of All Dis­eases: An Obscure San Diego Genius Devel­ops A Cure For Can­cer In 1930[/amazonify] that is based on Rife but quick­ly goes from an intro­duc­tion into what is appar­ent­ly fic­tion.


Those who sup­port Rife and his work call them­selves “Rifers”

Long list of many “rifer” mail­ing lists

Practice today

Sev­er­al ven­dors sell Rife machines. Many avail­able dis­count­ed on Ama­zon: the [amazonify]B0015XZ0PQ::text::::Rife Machine Sys­tem by CHI[/amazonify] and
[amazonify]B000W01UU2::text::::Global Well­ness Mod­el G Plus Rife Machine[/amazonify] by Glob­al.

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