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tos/gadl/263033307/”>"Recursive bookshop" by Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Parisian bookstore, at 37 Rue Bûcherie, owned by George Whit­man, “inspired” by Sylvia Beach’s orig­i­nal (at 12 Rue de l’Odeon), Left Bank home for boho lit­er­ary ne’er do wells, dream­ers, bookpeo­ple &c. Kilo­me­ter Zero, a “cult lit­er­ary zine,” has been pro­duced and pub­lished from the store.

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Jeremy Mercer


Cana­di­an writer Jere­my Mer­cer fled his native ground for Paris in 1999, end­ed up work­ing at Shake­speare & Co., edit­ing KZ, and then wrote a mem­oir about it and its turn-of-the-cen­tu­ry lit­er­ary scene, [amazonify]B001TIMM08::text::::Time Was Soft There: A Paris Sojourn at Shake­speare & Co.[/amazonify] (St. Mar­t­in’s Press 2005) There’s a long syn­op­sis and review page at Pow­ell’s. In what was appar­ent­ly a fol­low-up work, Mer­cer wrote a now-dif­fi­cult-to-find 2007 book, [amazonify]0750527757::text::::Books, Baguettes and Bed­bugs: The Left Bank World of Shake­speare & Co.[/amazonify]. Mer­cer has since writ­ten anoth­er book about France, [amazonify]0312357915::text::::When the Guil­lo­tine Fell: The Bloody Begin­ning and Hor­ri­fy­ing End to France’s Riv­er of Blood, 1791–1977[/amazonify].

tos/gadl/263033306/”>"Soirée lecture" by Alexandre Duret-Lutz

Images and articles

Don’t miss the tos/28171638@N02/2740773403/”>photograph of the store by Yamamoto Photog­ra­phy and Alexan­dre Duret-Lutz’s tos/gadl/252757784/in/set-72157594316295785/”>recursive photos of the shop, two of which are shown here.

Rachel Leow’s arti­cle on the store has some excel­lent, evoca­tive photographs.

Jon Hur­d’s tos/56685562@N00/492356”>photo.

tos/ionasek/188256772/”>Rare Books



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[amazonify]B001TIMM08[/amazonify] [amazonify]0750527757[/amazonify] [amazonify]0312357915[/amazonify] [ama­zoni­fy]

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