Sigrid Undset

Norwegian novelist (1882-1949)

Wrote about Scandinavian countries in the Middle Ages. [">more] [wiki]

Became a Catholic in 1924.

Awarded Nobel Prize for literature in 1928. [more]

Her modernist novels vividly depict medieval life


Kristin Lavransdatter

The Axe: The Master of Hestviken, vol 1

Gunnar’s Daughter

The Unknown Sigrid Undset: Jenny and Other Works

Articles and info

Reading Sigrid Undset” by Cynthia Grenier, CERC (1999).

By degrees my knowledge of history convinced me that the only thoroughly sane people, of our civilization at least, seemed to be those queer men and women the Catholic Church calls Saints. They seemed to know the true explanation of man’s undying hunger for happiness — his tragically insufficient love of peace, justice, and goodwill to his fellow men, his everlasting fall from grace.

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