Street photography

A collection of links and information on street photography.

Techniques, issues and instructions">Photojournalism Assignments and Techniques

Lens stabilization is key to making good SP images.

An illustrated essay on">legal issues with photojournalism

Getting tographer_sued_for_taking_portrait.php">sued for taking street portraits">Still alive, a photoblog with technique and how-to articles of interest to street photographers, all part of Nitsa’s “no rules” site of">nonphotography (freeform street photos). (Example:">Holga of Randy's Donuts)

Good discussion: "tography/612341/">Gettting those great candid shots. I am too shy or scared. What do you do? got any horror stories?

Nick Turpin was featured on Strobist in 2009 for an interesting Men’s Health photo shoot he did: in taking street photos of various well-dressed people, he underexposed the ambient light and then used a few strobes to “carve in some highlights”; and since he didn’t need tripods or stands for such shots he was fine even in a photo-unfriendly city like London (In-Public is Turpin’s street photography site.)

Examples and tips of">getting architecture on the streets.

Good examples of street photography

Todd Gross,

Philip-Lorca Dicorcia, NYC: Times Square shots, a series called street portraits

Joe’s NYC">photoethnography

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