Street photography

A collection of links and information on street photography.

Techniques, issues and instructions

Photojournalism Assignments and Techniques

Lens stabilization is key to making good SP images.

An illustrated essay on legal issues with photojournalism

Getting sued for taking street portraits

Still alive, a photoblog with technique and how-to articles of interest to street photographers, all part of Nitsa’s “no rules” site of nonphotography (freeform street photos). (Example: Holga of Randy’s Donuts)

Good discussion: “Gettting those great candid shots. I am too shy or scared. What do you do? got any horror stories?

Nick Turpin was featured on Strobist in 2009 for an interesting Men’s Health photo shoot he did: in taking street photos of various well-dressed people, he underexposed the ambient light and then used a few strobes to “carve in some highlights”; and since he didn’t need tripods or stands for such shots he was fine even in a photo-unfriendly city like London (In-Public is Turpin’s street photography site.)

Examples and tips of getting architecture on the streets.

Good examples of street photography

Todd Gross,

Philip-Lorca Dicorcia, NYC: Times Square shots, a series called street portraits

Joe’s NYC


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