Swope’s Mansion

Land’s End, Long Island

Home of news­pa­per mag­nate Her­bert Bayard Swope, inventor of the “op-ed”

Real-life coun­ter­part to Jay Gats­by’s man­sion &/or the Buchanan’s home (Fitzger­ald did not write about a par­tic­u­lar home but based his fic­tions on the ones that he knew), built 1902 by archi­tect Stan­ford White (2002 NY Times arti­cle claims this is more leg­end than fact: “A Whis­per Of White, A Hint Of Daisy”; even so, it’s the only one left and was def­i­nite­ly a home Fitzger­ald vis­it­ed)

Remem­bered only by a sole preser­va­tion­ist in the May 9, 2008 Port Wash­ington News [tonnews.com/portwashingtonnews/2008/05/09/opinion/”>letter] [topix.com/forum/county/nassau-ny/TOPR29DAKHJGQV9LH”>more]

Demol­ished June 2008


Articles and information

tonnews.com/portwashingtonnews/2008/05/09/opinion/”>opinion piece

Photographs: [amazonify]1596524987::text::::Historic Photos of Long Island[/amazonify] by Joe Cza­chows­ki (Turn­er 2008)

See also [amazonify]1412049407::text::::Glit­ter That Was Once Gold: Long Island Gold Coast Triv­ia[/amazonify] by Kevin Durst (Traf­ford 2006)

Invent­ing the Amer­i­can game” by Bob Alman is a con­tem­poary (2005) illus­trat­ed pro­file of Her­bert Bayard Swope, Jr.

Relat­ed: Sara and Ger­ald Mur­phy’s estate in the Hamptons [NY mag fea­ture]


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