Toothpaste recipes

The OraMedia Site for Dental Self-Sufficiency has a number of recipes for toothpaste and tooth powder. Salt has been prescribed as a good cleansing and disinfecting agent, and it’s been said that within two days of brushing teeth with salt all the harmful plaque-causing bacteria will be killed. Salt is also good for whitening teeth. [more] [search]

Good, effective and “homeopathic” toothpastes and tooth powders can be difficult to obtain. Thankfully online ordering makes it easy to get quality products in a trial size or a years’s supply or more for a relatively low cost. Various manufacturers make a salt-based toothpaste and one of the most reasonable (on Amazon) is the Weleda Salt Toothpaste product, currently on sale at nearly 50% the regular price. Another popular anti-plaque toothpaste is from Tom’s of Maine, popular with the organic and “natural living” crowd, sold on Amazon by the case with a 12% discount.

Another type of product worth considering is a natural tooth powder. Commercially available products include an organic tooth powder made by Solay and the all natural “cruelty free” powder in a handy dispenser that can last for a year by Uncle Harry’s Natural Products.

Herbal recipes for dental health, circa 1872.

Henriette’s Herbal Homepage gives several tooth powder recipes and discusses the pros and cons of using them. Ingredients including parsley salt, Myrrh, Tea Tree oil, charcoal and oil of peppermint and the use of areca nut for tooth powder is discussed.

plain (baking soda based) toothpaste

Secrets of whitening teeth naturally

Salt was mentioned earlier. Some hot Indian oils apparently have a cleaning and “whitening” effect. There’s also a recipe for strawberry toothpaste and it’s more than just about flavor: using strawberries for dental health is an old practice. It’s even been said that brushing your teeth with strawberries is a good practice for whitening teeth! [more]

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