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The toothpst.htm”>OraMedia Site for Den­tal Self-Suf­fi­cien­cy has a num­ber of recipes for tooth­paste and tooth pow­der. Salt has been pre­scribed as a good cleans­ing and dis­in­fect­ing agent, and it’s been said that with­in two days of brush­ing teeth with salt all the harm­ful plaque-caus­ing bac­te­ria will be killed. Salt is also good for whiten­ing teeth. [more] [search]


Good, effec­tive and “home­o­path­ic” tooth­pastes and tooth pow­ders can be dif­fi­cult to obtain. Thank­ful­ly online order­ing makes it easy to get qual­i­ty prod­ucts in a tri­al size or a years’s sup­ply or more for a rel­a­tive­ly low cost. Var­i­ous man­u­fac­tur­ers make a salt-based tooth­paste and one of the most rea­son­able (on Ama­zon) is the [amazonify]B0013NP9FE::text::::Weleda Salt Toothpaste[/amazonify] prod­uct, cur­rent­ly on sale at near­ly 50% the reg­u­lar price. Anoth­er pop­u­lar anti-plaque tooth­paste is from [amazonify]B001EJOQAG::text::::Tom’s of Maine[/amazonify], pop­u­lar with the organ­ic and “nat­ur­al liv­ing” crowd, sold on Ama­zon by the [amazonify]B001EJOQAG::text::::case with a 12% discount[/amazonify].

Anoth­er type of prod­uct worth con­sid­er­ing is a nat­ur­al tooth pow­der. Com­mer­cial­ly avail­able prod­ucts include an organ­ic tooth pow­der made by [amazonify]B000YDRU3I::text::::Solay[/amazonify] and the all nat­ur­al “cru­el­ty free” pow­der in a handy dis­penser that can last for a year by [amazonify]B000E3DX5M::text::::Uncle Har­ry’s Nat­ur­al Products[/amazonify].


Herbal recipes for den­tal health, cir­ca 1872.

Hen­ri­et­te’s Herbal Home­page gives tooth-powder.html”>several tooth pow­der recipes and dis­cuss­es the pros and cons of using them. Ingre­di­ents includ­ing pars­ley salt, toothpaste.html”>Myrrh, Tea Tree oil, char­coal and oil of pep­per­mint and the use of are­ca nut for tooth pow­der is dis­cussed.

toothpaste.html”>plain (bak­ing soda based) tooth­paste

Secrets of whitening teeth naturally

Salt was men­tioned ear­li­er. Some hot Indi­an oils appar­ent­ly have a clean­ing and “whiten­ing” effect. There’s also a toothpaste.html”>recipe for straw­ber­ry tooth­paste and it’s more than just about fla­vor: using straw­ber­ries for den­tal health is an old prac­tice. It’s even been said that brush­ing your teeth with straw­ber­ries is a good prac­tice for whiten­ing teeth! [more]


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[amazonify]B0013NP9FE[/amazonify] [amazonify]B001EJOQAG[/amazonify] [amazonify]B000YDRU3I[/amazonify] [amazonify]B000E3DX5M[/amazonify]

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