Trigant Burrow

American psychoanalyst, created concept of “lifwynn” (winning life, Welsh for “joy of life”) in the 1920s; believed social dysfunction was due to man’s preoccupation with words and symbols, particularly the “I”; inventor of neurodynamics; founder of group therapy; one of the eight founders of the American Psychoanalytic Association (1875-1950)

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Founded the Lifwynn Foundation, Westport CT

A 1992 update of life in the woods and cabins of Lifwynn was chronicled in the New York Times that included Julia Childs' recipe for "Potato and Leek Soup” [link]

Books and publications by Trigant Burrow

The Trigant Burrow Collection (1909-1950) is at the University of California, Santa Barbara, and contains many of his articles.

Contemporary books and articles

Trigant Burrow and the Laboratory of the ‘I’” by Alfreda S. Galt, The Lifwynn Foundation

More articles in Lifwynn Correspondence

The Self-Evolving Cosmos: A Phenomenological Approach to Nature’s Unity-in-Diversity by Steven M. Rosen (World Scientific Publishing Co 2008) [buy]

This unique book offers an original way of thinking about two of the most significant problems confronting modern theoretical physics: the unification of the forces of nature and the evolution of the universe.

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