Web-search philosophies

Fravia: searchlores.org and fravia.com, “Advanced Internet searching strategies & advice / Resources for basic, advanced & deep web seekers”; Fravia stopped posting and updating the site in autumn 2008 due to terminal illness. [google]

A tor.com/2005/04/15/voyeur-heaven/">technique for finding videos, images, and sound files that are on the Web but aren't "public." But when you're searching, what you're searching for is being recorded. So another hands-on tutorial shows tor.com/2006/08/24/6-ways-to-keep-your-search-secrets-safe/">a set of techniques for keeping those searches secret. [more]

Learn more from tor.com/">Googletutor.com.

Paper, “NOTES ON FREE TEXT INFORMATION RETRIEVAL” by Mark Zimmermann (March 1990)

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