Weather watching

WXers track storms and weather, esp using internet technology

WX is shorthand for “weather,” an old telegraph term (Morse code) still used in studios, radio and broadcasting as well in ham, avaition and maritime culture. [more] (weather cancellation notices are abbreviated as WX CX)

Main WX sites

the weather underground, wunderground.com [severe weather map]

wxusa.com: USA weather reports

WXnation carries weather & space news

NOAA Weather Radio All Hazards (NWR): a continuous radio broadcast of local weather conditions, over 1000 transmitters

WXer Forums

WXing has a popular home on the net.

Some of the major sites:

easternuswx.com: eastern US forums

topics">ne.weather newsgroup: discussion focused on New England, USA

city-data.com: american forum

NashvilleWX.com: Nashville, TN weather

southlandWX.com: Southern California Weather

WX software

wxer.pl: perl wunderground.com capture tool

WX tools

eBay’s most popular weather devices

More WX Information

Harold’s Weather WX Links

Cams from around the world

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